Henan Normal University is one of the key universities directly under the provincial government, developed  from the Zhongzhou University (founded in 1923) and Pingyuan Teachers college (founded in  1951). It is situated in Xinxiang, a famous city in north Henan, which is at the junction of the Beijing- Guangzhou, Taiyuan-Heze railways, nestling near Taihang Mountain to the north and the Yellow River  to the south, where the famous Muye battle once took place. Due to the adjustment of colleges and departments, the university has successfully been renamed as Henan Teachers College 2, Henan Second Teachers  college and Xinxiang Teachers College after the founding of New China. And in 1985, she began to be called Henan Normal University.
    In the past 95 years after the founding, especially after the founding of New China, the university has gradually grown into a comprehensive normal university with complete subjects and courses. There are now 17 colleges, 24 research institutes (centres), 10 provincial key disciplines, and 49 majors of undergraduate course covering 9 subjects such as economics, science of law, education, literature, science, engineering, agriculture, history and administration.